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Volker Ax

Saxophone artist Volker Ax born in Cologne/Germany, began his musical career at Cologne-Erftstadt music school where he learnes to play the violin. Two years later, he started to obtain saxophone lessons at the same institute. In the well-known German national contest "Jugend musiziert" in 1981 he won the first prize, he was awarded the second prize in 1983. In 1984 he gained the Composer Bernd-Alois-Zimmermann-Awards. From 1988 to 1996, he studied at the Royal Netherlands Concervatory (the "Koniglijken Conservatorium") in Maastricht (The Netherlands) classical saxophone with Professor Norbert Nozy, and composition with Professor John Slangen. In 1993 Volker Ax passed his first final exam "Saxophonexamen", i.e. "Docierend Musicus"; two years later his second national exam followed - i.e. "Uitvoerend Musicus". In June 1996, he finished succesfully his Musical Composer's Studies.

As a saxophone musician in classical music, he played in a vast number of different ensembles and orchestras: The German Youth Orchestra (Bundes-Jugend-Orchester), the BAYER Industrie Corp. Orchestra, The BUNDESWEHR German Army Music Corps in Kassel, the Southgerman Saxophone-Chamber-ORchestra, the "Saxotett classique" (Saxophonequartet), the Bochumer Philharmoniker, the Orchestra of Duisburg and Rascher Saxophone-Orchestra, among others.

As a musician, he since has traveled to France, The Netherlands, England, Poland, Switzerland and the United States of America. His compositions are presented reguarly at the Darmstadt German Days of contemporary music ("Tage fuer Neue Musik", "Darmstaedter Ferienkurse fuer Neue Musik").